Alter, Fringe, Make, Own!

I apologize for being absent the last two weeks. I was having some technical difficulties with the site, but I’m back with more to share!!!

Knowing you have to alter your jeans because you aren’t 5’6” can be really annoying, but altering for your own entertainment is such a great way to make your clothes your “own”. Creativity can strike and the unlimited ways for you to create a new look can help you find more things you didn’t even know you would like.

Don’t go crazy with the scissors, but think of how you want it to come out. Of course, there is no fault in going to a professional for help. Skirts can be altered, pants, and jackets, but there are endless possibilities to personalize your clothes such as sewing on some patches on your jeans, adding some colored thread on your hems. Adding some new holes on your jeans and maybe even painting, which nail polish seems to work…to add some cool texture. Don’t get carried away because you could end up wearing an art project instead of clothes…

Not all of us are built like models so sometime we have no other choice but to alter our hem lines but that’s when you can make it fun. Making a top into a crop top, shortening you jeans, cutting you sleeves off those long sleeve shirts because the sleeves are just so dang long, may sound like extra work you have to get done during your busy week, but it can be fun if you do it with a friend! sounds clíche..I know. But its true! Run down to your nearest craft store and alter, fringe, and make it happen!!!

Demi Lovato slaying wearing a fitting leather dress that she shortened to make it look more edgy because we all know that she can pull it off.

IMG_7519P.S. I don’t recommend doing this to all your clothes. Maybe just those pieces that you don’t wear that often or just seem really simple to you.

“All shopping leads to shoe shopping” -Kelly Rutherford

Online Shopping turn into your worst me..I know! There are so many things, so many pretty things, but its a battle trying to really decide what you really do want (what you think you need). Shopping online can really get you thinking about what you really need in your closet and how much money you can spend. SALES are you best friends!!!and don’t you forget it because they save you and your wallet.  I can’t imagine being the only one that clicks on the sale button before clicking on the New Arrivals.

Some websites have you choose how much you would like to spend. Which is perfect!! Don’t forget to always think about what you really need to complete an outfit, or what you want to have in your closet to fit the season or an event.

Sizing can always be tricky especially if haven’t even shopped at a certain website before. Always check the size chart and check the size chart on other websites that you have shopped from before. Compare. And Click.

And Finally…before checking out, go to your bag and check again that you have  what you want. Double check you didn’t click twice on the quantity button on any  item. Make sure you the total is the amount you want to spend. No more. Defiantly not $100 more, and if it is, take some items and save them for later. Think about what I said a while back, “Do I really want to spend this much for this.?”

Happy Online Shopping!!!!!

Casual Statement.

“On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was -“It’s October 3rd!!” -Cady Heron

Casual apparel is not really the way I go…but it is the way to go when I really need to GO! When I hear “Casual Wear”, I picture jeans/shorts, simple shirt, and shoes; others might think Nike shorts, t-shirt, and flip-flops. But we can agree to disagree. Casual is there for me when I in a hurry and need to get out the door, when I need to run errands or need to meet up with a study group. (You don’t want to make it look that you tried too hard but also don’t make it look that you don’t care at all. ..?)

So here is my advice to you…

First, casual doesn’t always mean comfortable. There is such a thing as looking casual and not quite feeling like you can dance around. So, to be more specific casual is slipping on those jeans, that cute shirt and your accessories including you jacket and jewelry for the day out can look so simple and comfortable, and still fab. You don’t have to wear your 4′ inch heels to balance a casual and dressy day, but you can bring yourself to put that statement necklace on to give your outfit some dazzle. Casual wear can also mean business casual meaning wearing your blazer with your most comfortable pants and not have to feel  like you have to wear your hair up and wear heels.

Remember that casual wear can totally be comfortable and easy, but you can make it look better by adding your hats, necklaces, jackets, and belts. Make it look you didn’t spend much time planning out your outfit. I promise. Your casual wear will blows minds.