2016’s Dress!

Christmas Day was a success! Family, Gift exchange, hot coco (in my case..Frappuccinos), Christmas cookies, some board games, and STAR WARS! After all that apple cider and the many laughs, I feel extremely blessed to be surrounded by my favorite people, which is a perfect way to get ready for the new year!

After searching for the perfect dress to show off at the New Year’s party! You will be making some promises in that dress! Promises to yourself! Guaranteeing   yourself to accomplish every possible new goal! Better health, more donations, a more spontaneous life! That dress is the beginning! So if haven’t chosen. Choose Wisely.

Resolution are made everywhere by most of us and this next year, 2016, can’t get here fast enough! New opportunities, new traditions, new accomplishments, new, new, new! But my favorite is NEW TRENDS! Now, the 80s will always be coming back around and around! But new trends come every year! New Lines, New Collections, New Outlooks on New Ideas!

Have a Great 2016!


Your No Fashion Remorse!


Queen of the World!

“The reason my shoes are expensive is so that I can take monumental steps”

My love for shoes…new shoes that is… quite unexplainable. I cant tell how much I time I spend just trying to choose the right pair for the day. It isn’t hard really but it does take time to think about the many things one has to do for the day. You obviously can’t wear heals for a busy day of errands and can’t wear sneakers to a fancy sh-mancy event. Sometimes it is easy depending on the outfit but shoes make the outfit for some people..including me.

You know that moment when you were little and you would see a huge rock or anything tall you could stand on, then you would get up on it and say “I’m the Queen of the World” and feel super cool. You could see so much more than usual. It was a completely new perspective and it was awesome! That’s the feeling I get when I wear any of my pair of heels. I feel naturally tall and confident. I did feel like a queen back then, but now a days I feel more like a celebrity. Its a feeling and it keeps me satisfied.

Wearing a pair of sneakers or converse is not only the most comfortable but also the most hip. I feel like a kid again. No worries. No problems. The right pair of sneakers can be so great for those days out at park or for us girls..the mall. You don’t want to get blisters while out shopping all day. (They can save you from those blisters and sores). They can be so casual and fashionable at the same time. They can show off so much more personality than you might think. I go to private school, which means we were UNIFORMS believe it or not…They only thing we can pick out is our shoes. We are all different, so obviously we all have different shoes and is the only thing we can use to show off our style and person.

Flats are one of my favorites. They can be so cute,unique, classy and comfortable at the same time. They are there when you don’t feel like pulling out socks and just slipping your feet into something comfortable, but still pretentious. (Specially when you are in a hurry.) Flats can also be conservative, and great for those chill days at the coffee shop with friends or at the grocery store with mom.

Shoes can really change the outfit. So many different combinations. So many different kinds and colors. Next time you want to ask your husband or best friend “Which pair?” STOP! And go with the one pair you are leaning towards. Always. Always. Trust you instinct..with shoes..that is.

Girls just have that sixth sense.

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