Sorry Everyone for the late post. I had some technical difficulties with the website. Like I said a few weeks ago….From right now to Friday the 22th of April, You have a chance to enter a contest to win a $50 Gift Card and a TOPSHOP Keychain. Not much…but super easy to enter and why not? All you have to do is go into your instagram and find our page (@nofashionremorse), hit that follow button, and go on the latest picture and comment “#nnfrcontest” and I will announce and contact the winner of the prize on the 22th of April! Super easy. Great way for NoFashionRemorse to get recognized and familiar with everyone who loves EVERYTHING fashion!

Moving on…I wanted to talk about FASHION MONTH..that yes I know..its past and gone..but it is still all I can talk about. New York was beyond my favorite but the Paris shows really stuck out to me as well. Really enjoyed all the great designers work from BALMAIN to Vionnet! All of them were incredible and really showed their true style of their companies. I really enjoyed each and everyone that I got to see. Everyone that attended were an absolute inspiration as well. Seeing different styles, themes, collections was a true innovation in my fashion outlook.

Here is a link to see a couple of the shows from Fashion Month:

I apologize again for the late short rant but remember to follow on instagram to keep up with NFR. I really would love for everyone to spread the word.