Bursting with Joy!

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday season and a great start into this new year!

2016 is Here! and that doesn’t necessarily mean a new you, new life, new resolutions, but another fresh start with new opportunities and new morals. January 1 was the day many people around the world look back at their life and decide what they want to change such as their habits or routines. But today is January 9 and I really wonder who will follow through. New Years isn’t really the time to tell yourself that you’ll exercise more or save more but to ask yourself, “What do I really want to change about myself?”

Your answer is more likely to stick rather than your “promises” to yourself.

How does this apply to your fashion choices. Well, it sorta doesn’t but one real issue that we all have to surpass is OUR CLOSET! Yes, its time! Haven’t worn it the last 6 months..? Throw it out even if you told yourself weeks ago that you’ll wear it “someday” yet still haven’t. No matter how many times you stare at you closet or count the many pieces of clothes you have..you will always tell yourself those 5 little words.”I have nothing to wear!” but you do! I promise. This is the time to be creative. Once you throw out, it may seem that you threw out everything and only left like 7 shirts, but the truth is that you don’t have to fill every empty space in your closet! Trust me! its not fun! Having the relief of a new start including a new blank space in your closet is a great feeling! I’m not saying that shopping isn’t necessary which it is in Girl World. But The amount of clothes you have doesn’t define you. Plus you do have to make room for those summer clothes.

Having a closet bursting with clothes is for Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian to deal with. 🙂

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