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This week I wanted to focus on what is trending Now! 2016 has been full of more surprises and that includes more FASHION MANIA! New make-up products, new clothing lines, new trending hairstyles, but there are also many old obsessions coming back! And I’m not talking about cassette players at Urban Outfitters because not gonna lie…That’s taking it a bit too far..

I’m talking about this:

Those double french braids are everywhere! I mean..if Khloé Kardashian is wearing them..you should too! But Seriously. They are super cute. Super comfortable (unless they are tight as Khloé’s) and they are great for the morning workout or night out with the fam. Khloe+Kardashian+Rocks+Braids+Gym+bY_8U7WGmpbx

Moving on to another Kardashian/Jenner…Kylie has come up with new lip colors! Honestly, I believe they will sell out in less than 5 seconds but its worth a try. Kylie lip kit is said to be one of the best! The color dries pretty fast so then they color really pops and its long lasting. All the colors are Awesome and Everybody who is a true follower of beauty products will go crazy when or if Kylie comes out with a whole makeup line! maxresdefault(Kylie and Kendall are also releasing their new clothing line at Neimun Marcus and recently released a different one at Pacsun…Busy, Busy, Busy)

Also, you gotta love those Over-the-Knee Boots! They pretty much go with everything! They are perfect for the laid back street style and for the more chic look! Any color, with heel or no heel, they are incredibly adorable! And clearly they have been around for a while now. Not going to lie, but they can be a little pricy. If you don’t already have a pair or just want another color to go with that outfit I know you’re thinking about…I recommend Zara, Urban Outfitters, or Nordstrom. celebrity_knee_high_boots3

And last but not least! The classic Adidas wear! It’s been with us since 1949 and its still charming our looks! Its outright the best logo! and that logo on a shirt or crop top is a must have! Its not only cute with your double french braids but also super comfortable. They never disappoint. If you’re looking for the alternative Adidas apparel, Go to the Topshop or Urban Outfitters Website! 90s-Babies-Adidas-Superstar-Trainers-S-S-2015 c43aa7fbe1d1da2f338b5a9ea6bd6395 54ee85af3254b_-_sev-vanessa-hudgens-workout-gear-s2

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