It’s Fashion World After All.

“Style is way to say who you are without having to speak.” -Rachel Zoe

NEW YORK, PARIS, LONDON & MILAN! Fashion Week was a success once again! So many different styles and presentations. They were all amazing and still happening right now in Milan! There is a lot to be said for the flair in the design world, especially when it comes to those looking to break into the London, NYC, Milan fashion scene. Let’s just say that they never disappoint. Alexander Wang one of my favorite shows so far has really raised the bar. The different styles really broke the door down into the fashion world. Not only did the many designers make their new line’s debut in the last few weeks but we also got to see celebrities, bloggers, and reporters and their best fashion week styles.

Sorry I kept it broad but there is something special next week to come…


Here are some links to help keep up with all the FASHION WEEK madness:



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Valentine’s Day is Tomorrow! which means a hot date with….my Netflix account.BUT That doesn’t mean that every single girl should because you don’t need a “better half” to have a glamorous, fun night! Valentine’s Day is about love but it can also be about treating yourself and your close friends. Going out with your girlfriends can really help your state of mind! Cupid may be stupid but you shouldn’t suffer from his mistakes..

Celebrating Valentine’s Day solo or with your friends can both be fun and glamorous. The most fun part of the experience is getting ready for the night to come. You get to choose where to go out to eat or hang out which means you get to choose what to wear. You can go all out fancy and lavish and feel completely confident and know that you will turn heads! You can go casual and laid-back. Letting people know that you don’t overthink things!

Don’t forget to treat yourself. Get yourself some Godiva chocolate because let me tell you…Godiva is my best friend during this time of the year. You and Lady Godiva can Go-Diva on all the haters!

Shower yourself with love (and chocolate) and if you’re single…be happy you get to pick up a cheaper check for one.

No matter where you go or who you go out with! Dress for yourself!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!❤️


Hey Everyone!

This week I wanted to focus on what is trending Now! 2016 has been full of more surprises and that includes more FASHION MANIA! New make-up products, new clothing lines, new trending hairstyles, but there are also many old obsessions coming back! And I’m not talking about cassette players at Urban Outfitters because not gonna lie…That’s taking it a bit too far..

I’m talking about this:

Those double french braids are everywhere! I mean..if Khloé Kardashian is wearing should too! But Seriously. They are super cute. Super comfortable (unless they are tight as Khloé’s) and they are great for the morning workout or night out with the fam. Khloe+Kardashian+Rocks+Braids+Gym+bY_8U7WGmpbx

Moving on to another Kardashian/Jenner…Kylie has come up with new lip colors! Honestly, I believe they will sell out in less than 5 seconds but its worth a try. Kylie lip kit is said to be one of the best! The color dries pretty fast so then they color really pops and its long lasting. All the colors are Awesome and Everybody who is a true follower of beauty products will go crazy when or if Kylie comes out with a whole makeup line! maxresdefault(Kylie and Kendall are also releasing their new clothing line at Neimun Marcus and recently released a different one at Pacsun…Busy, Busy, Busy)

Also, you gotta love those Over-the-Knee Boots! They pretty much go with everything! They are perfect for the laid back street style and for the more chic look! Any color, with heel or no heel, they are incredibly adorable! And clearly they have been around for a while now. Not going to lie, but they can be a little pricy. If you don’t already have a pair or just want another color to go with that outfit I know you’re thinking about…I recommend Zara, Urban Outfitters, or Nordstrom. celebrity_knee_high_boots3

And last but not least! The classic Adidas wear! It’s been with us since 1949 and its still charming our looks! Its outright the best logo! and that logo on a shirt or crop top is a must have! Its not only cute with your double french braids but also super comfortable. They never disappoint. If you’re looking for the alternative Adidas apparel, Go to the Topshop or Urban Outfitters Website! 90s-Babies-Adidas-Superstar-Trainers-S-S-2015 c43aa7fbe1d1da2f338b5a9ea6bd6395 54ee85af3254b_-_sev-vanessa-hudgens-workout-gear-s2

Mom Knows Best!

How does someone know if they like or love something?

You know that moment when you are walking past a store and all the sudden you stop to glare back at something that you just fell in love with the first time you saw it. It has defiantly happened to me..multiple times. You know you will walk out the mall with that one item you promised yourself..NOTHING ELSE! You take a closer look. And its completely wrong! The fabric itches. Its completely see through. Its too short. Too long. Its pattern isn’t what you thought it was. Or it costs as much as you make in a month. Its disappointing and the mannequin was made to pull anything off..remember that.

Looks can fool a girl…through glass but specially through the computer screen. Sometimes the websites may fool you to buy things you think you love but actually might be the opposite. Models look amazing in the clothes. DUH. But they are there to sell you the clothes. telling you “‘I’m having fun in these clothes. I look good in it,so you will too!”. DON’T EVER compare yourself to a mannequin. That’s part of the trick system of the fashion industry. Once you go home with those new shopping bags and you take the clothes out to try them on one more time…you either instantly love them or instantly say “What was I thinking?”..BUT there are ways to avoid the regret.

First, when you think you are “In love”❤️ with that shirt. You need to try in on! Don’t assume you’ll love everything about it just because you love the pattern or the fabric. Second, get a second honest opinion! Don’t ask one of the employees because they will tell you to buy it anyways! You will probably hear, “YEAH, GIRL, That looks cute on you!” and they may be telling you the truth but other half of time they say anything to get you to buy it.Bring a friend or take a mirror selfie and text it to one of your friends or even better…Your mom. Like it or not, Mom knows best!

When Online, First,  you have to really know what size you are in that particular store. Second, again..don’t compare yourself with the models and try to picture yourself wearing the piece and make an outfit.

I love Fashion! I love clothes! but just like everything else…It can be misleading from a far.


Bursting with Joy!

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday season and a great start into this new year!

2016 is Here! and that doesn’t necessarily mean a new you, new life, new resolutions, but another fresh start with new opportunities and new morals. January 1 was the day many people around the world look back at their life and decide what they want to change such as their habits or routines. But today is January 9 and I really wonder who will follow through. New Years isn’t really the time to tell yourself that you’ll exercise more or save more but to ask yourself, “What do I really want to change about myself?”

Your answer is more likely to stick rather than your “promises” to yourself.

How does this apply to your fashion choices. Well, it sorta doesn’t but one real issue that we all have to surpass is OUR CLOSET! Yes, its time! Haven’t worn it the last 6 months..? Throw it out even if you told yourself weeks ago that you’ll wear it “someday” yet still haven’t. No matter how many times you stare at you closet or count the many pieces of clothes you will always tell yourself those 5 little words.”I have nothing to wear!” but you do! I promise. This is the time to be creative. Once you throw out, it may seem that you threw out everything and only left like 7 shirts, but the truth is that you don’t have to fill every empty space in your closet! Trust me! its not fun! Having the relief of a new start including a new blank space in your closet is a great feeling! I’m not saying that shopping isn’t necessary which it is in Girl World. But The amount of clothes you have doesn’t define you. Plus you do have to make room for those summer clothes.

Having a closet bursting with clothes is for Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian to deal with. 🙂

2016’s Dress!

Christmas Day was a success! Family, Gift exchange, hot coco (in my case..Frappuccinos), Christmas cookies, some board games, and STAR WARS! After all that apple cider and the many laughs, I feel extremely blessed to be surrounded by my favorite people, which is a perfect way to get ready for the new year!

After searching for the perfect dress to show off at the New Year’s party! You will be making some promises in that dress! Promises to yourself! Guaranteeing   yourself to accomplish every possible new goal! Better health, more donations, a more spontaneous life! That dress is the beginning! So if haven’t chosen. Choose Wisely.

Resolution are made everywhere by most of us and this next year, 2016, can’t get here fast enough! New opportunities, new traditions, new accomplishments, new, new, new! But my favorite is NEW TRENDS! Now, the 80s will always be coming back around and around! But new trends come every year! New Lines, New Collections, New Outlooks on New Ideas!

Have a Great 2016!


Your No Fashion Remorse!


Queen of the World!

“The reason my shoes are expensive is so that I can take monumental steps”

My love for shoes…new shoes that is… quite unexplainable. I cant tell how much I time I spend just trying to choose the right pair for the day. It isn’t hard really but it does take time to think about the many things one has to do for the day. You obviously can’t wear heals for a busy day of errands and can’t wear sneakers to a fancy sh-mancy event. Sometimes it is easy depending on the outfit but shoes make the outfit for some people..including me.

You know that moment when you were little and you would see a huge rock or anything tall you could stand on, then you would get up on it and say “I’m the Queen of the World” and feel super cool. You could see so much more than usual. It was a completely new perspective and it was awesome! That’s the feeling I get when I wear any of my pair of heels. I feel naturally tall and confident. I did feel like a queen back then, but now a days I feel more like a celebrity. Its a feeling and it keeps me satisfied.

Wearing a pair of sneakers or converse is not only the most comfortable but also the most hip. I feel like a kid again. No worries. No problems. The right pair of sneakers can be so great for those days out at park or for us girls..the mall. You don’t want to get blisters while out shopping all day. (They can save you from those blisters and sores). They can be so casual and fashionable at the same time. They can show off so much more personality than you might think. I go to private school, which means we were UNIFORMS believe it or not…They only thing we can pick out is our shoes. We are all different, so obviously we all have different shoes and is the only thing we can use to show off our style and person.

Flats are one of my favorites. They can be so cute,unique, classy and comfortable at the same time. They are there when you don’t feel like pulling out socks and just slipping your feet into something comfortable, but still pretentious. (Specially when you are in a hurry.) Flats can also be conservative, and great for those chill days at the coffee shop with friends or at the grocery store with mom.

Shoes can really change the outfit. So many different combinations. So many different kinds and colors. Next time you want to ask your husband or best friend “Which pair?” STOP! And go with the one pair you are leaning towards. Always. Always. Trust you instinct..with shoes..that is.

Girls just have that sixth sense.

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Alter, Fringe, Make, Own!

I apologize for being absent the last two weeks. I was having some technical difficulties with the site, but I’m back with more to share!!!

Knowing you have to alter your jeans because you aren’t 5’6” can be really annoying, but altering for your own entertainment is such a great way to make your clothes your “own”. Creativity can strike and the unlimited ways for you to create a new look can help you find more things you didn’t even know you would like.

Don’t go crazy with the scissors, but think of how you want it to come out. Of course, there is no fault in going to a professional for help. Skirts can be altered, pants, and jackets, but there are endless possibilities to personalize your clothes such as sewing on some patches on your jeans, adding some colored thread on your hems. Adding some new holes on your jeans and maybe even painting, which nail polish seems to work…to add some cool texture. Don’t get carried away because you could end up wearing an art project instead of clothes…

Not all of us are built like models so sometime we have no other choice but to alter our hem lines but that’s when you can make it fun. Making a top into a crop top, shortening you jeans, cutting you sleeves off those long sleeve shirts because the sleeves are just so dang long, may sound like extra work you have to get done during your busy week, but it can be fun if you do it with a friend! sounds clíche..I know. But its true! Run down to your nearest craft store and alter, fringe, and make it happen!!!

Demi Lovato slaying wearing a fitting leather dress that she shortened to make it look more edgy because we all know that she can pull it off.

IMG_7519P.S. I don’t recommend doing this to all your clothes. Maybe just those pieces that you don’t wear that often or just seem really simple to you.

Casual Statement.

“On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was -“It’s October 3rd!!” -Cady Heron

Casual apparel is not really the way I go…but it is the way to go when I really need to GO! When I hear “Casual Wear”, I picture jeans/shorts, simple shirt, and shoes; others might think Nike shorts, t-shirt, and flip-flops. But we can agree to disagree. Casual is there for me when I in a hurry and need to get out the door, when I need to run errands or need to meet up with a study group. (You don’t want to make it look that you tried too hard but also don’t make it look that you don’t care at all. ..?)

So here is my advice to you…

First, casual doesn’t always mean comfortable. There is such a thing as looking casual and not quite feeling like you can dance around. So, to be more specific casual is slipping on those jeans, that cute shirt and your accessories including you jacket and jewelry for the day out can look so simple and comfortable, and still fab. You don’t have to wear your 4′ inch heels to balance a casual and dressy day, but you can bring yourself to put that statement necklace on to give your outfit some dazzle. Casual wear can also mean business casual meaning wearing your blazer with your most comfortable pants and not have to feel  like you have to wear your hair up and wear heels.

Remember that casual wear can totally be comfortable and easy, but you can make it look better by adding your hats, necklaces, jackets, and belts. Make it look you didn’t spend much time planning out your outfit. I promise. Your casual wear will blows minds.



NYFW Awaken.

I was left speechless but I still want to tell you my thoughts on this years New York Fashion Week! Yes, it has past but I am still obsessing over the coolest new trends and designs! What I would of done to be there!!!!Anyways, by watching all the fashion shows everyday for the past week, I’ve been inspired and obviously blown away by all designers. Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera, and Jeremy Scott were my favorites! This week was all about new and fresh designs for the world to see. Everybody that was part of NYFW are so fortunate and incredibly talented. They never disappoint! I loved the floral theme by Bradgley Mischka and the pop-up art Jeremy Scott collection. The colors and patterns were absolutely brilliant! I hope to one day go and experience going to as many shows as possible.

Here are some of my favorite looks and designers!  You can find all the looks at!

Bradgley Mischka

imageScreen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.28.56 AMModels at the Badgley Mischka catwalkMarc Jacobs – Jonathan Scott





Michael Kors – Carolina Herrera

Michael-Kors-Spring-Summer-2015-ready-to-wear-new-york-fashion-week-4 carolina_herrera_fall_winter_2014_2015_collection_new_york_fashion_week9